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Thank-you for your interest in our Gold Claimer Brand of
Placer Mining Equipment.  We have been manufacturing &
distributing our equipment worldwide for 30 years and are
well known for our quality.
The Oregon Pioneer Series

Oregon Pioneer was designed & manufactured for a small production or pilot processing
operation particularly for the gold mining industry! The
Oregon Pioneer 15  was introduced first and
runs up to 15 yards per hour.  Realizing the need for a larger unit, the
 Oregon Pioneer 30  was
added.  It runs up to 30 yards per hour.  Both units are fully hydraulic.
Celebrating our 30th year in 2010!
The Gold Claimer has proven to be a very practical concentrator for large and small
operations alike.  It can handle 2 to 8 yards per hour, when fed by our
12' Feed
Conveyor.   This assures a steady, even feed rate.  Both the Gold Claimer &
Conveyor are mounted on a trailer, making it fully portable.  It can be used either with
or without the water reclaimer.  

Conveyor is designed to be used with the Gold Claimer.  It has a 4’ x 4’ hopper
with a rock grizzly, & adjustable feed flow.  It folds to a 9’ length for easy towing.

African Model Gold Claimer is primarily used if you have a source of water
nearby.  There is not a water tank or de-watering screw on the unit.    
Gold Claimer Concentrator
12' Feed Conveyor
African Model Gold Claimer
Oregon Pioneer 15
Oregon Pioneer 30